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Thank you for all of the hard work you guys put into the horses. I appreciate the time you spent with Jax and training him! Being able to ride my baby is such a great feeling, you all are the best!! We love you!!
Jeni Swim
Heather Ripley
We bought a wonderful horse from Inside Out for my daughter! My daughter and myself are both in love with this quiet, gentle boy! I'm hoping that the hubby will buy Momma a horse in the Spring for my birthday! Thank you Inside Out for being honest and pairing us up with a great horse!
We could not be more happy with the 2 horses we purchased from Inside Out.
George & Chief
Lesley Brown
Hidalgo & Maverick
Aaron Green
Bought two good horses from them. They didn't oversell the horses as something they're not and didn't sell me more horse than our skill level was ready for. Would buy from again.
I got my darling mare from these guys in January. She is the best horse I could ask for. Suzanne was more than helpful with the entire transaction, and with all of my questions. I would not buy another horse from anyone else! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
Billy Jean
Nikki Gomas
Spider / Spotty
What an awesome testimonial! This little girl meets her birthday present! click here for the video!
Thank you for offering to train Tony for Annabeth. You guys are awesome people and great friends. I feel better letting her ride him now. May God continue to bless you both. We love you! Tommy, Renae, Xander & Annabeth
Annabeth Sutherland
Skips Straw Hand; aka Texas
Michelle Shiue
Skips Straw Hand. Thank you again for such an awesome horse! He is everything and more that you said he would be! Extremely honest, ethical horse people. Cannot recommend them highly enough, and so happy with my best buddy, Skips Straw Hand. He is exactly the horse they said he was. Michelle Shiue

Papa’s Pin Up Girl
Barbara Seebaran
I want to thank you Suzanne and Ed for your professional assistance in finding my dream horse in October this year. I had sold the 9 yr old horse I raised to be my mount because after serious soul searching, she and I were not a good match. Then in September, we tragically lost our dear, sweet 25 yr old gelding who acted like he was 12. I was beyond grief and so devastated. I began my search for a replacement horse. I happened to see your video of this beautiful TWH mare and came to see her.  You allowed me to ride her on a 2 hr trail ride which was the perfect method for me to test her out. I really liked her and yet needed more instruction on her. I rode her in 2 lessons and another trail ride and when she passed her vet test with flying colors, I brought her home. I call her River and she responds to my voice in the first few days. We clicked right off and I adore her. She is exactly how you advertised her. The video you created showed her strengths and how calm she is. She is a level headed, willing to please mount and I just pinch myself to have found her. She is so sweet and good natured, she is easy to ride and so smooth. I adore this girl and am so proud to be her owner.  My heart is healing from my losses because River is filling those holes.Thank you for taking your time with me and helping me to be sure we would be a good match for life. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a horse because you have wonderful horses!!  I know I will always be grateful for my successful experience.
Dear Ed & Suzanne, Belle is the BEST horse ever!! I can lope so well now and have sooooooooo much more confidence. I have ridden her bareback quite a few times now and she does great! She gets along with my mini horse Carmel really well. Every one I know who is looking for a horse knows about you now. 🙂 My little niece has ridden Belle with me a few times now and she is 2. She absolutely loves her and my dad has ridden Belle to! You are the best people ever for finding me and my family the best horse ever! Your friend, Bob & Briley Davies click here for a riding video of Briley and Belle!
Briley Davies

Hi Suzanne, It has been one week now since Dusty joined our family.  Hannah absolutely loves him!  They are the perfect size for each other and are doing great together. I just wanted to share a few pictures with you and thank you again for your help and kindness. Best Regards, Phyllis Cardenas
Hannah Cardenas

Karen Clements
Inside Out TX was the best place I could have ever found to buy my new horse! He is everything they said he was. Highly recommend!
FB review from Alana Eastridge Moon
Thank you so much for all the care and love you are showing Brooke Staley. What an awesome program you have and she is one very special little girl. To know her is to love her and just knowing there is another option available such as this to help in her recovery and win this battle makes it that much more special. She has an awesome big brother Mason too who is very special and dear to my heart as well. I am filled with joy every time I see their faces and their smile. We love u Brookie and Mason and Blaine misses his "best friend" so much sweetie. Go Team Brooke! And Thank you again for all the help you are doing to put a beautiful smile on a beautiful face such as Brooke. God Bless You.
Rolo & Cor
Sandra Cavender
Wonderful facility for horse/rider training lessons! Very professional and informative also for first time horse owners! We purchased two beautiful horses and had a wonderful and positive experience!

Ed & Suzanne I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate both of you! You make the selection and buying of Grace a very comfortable and enjoyable experience! Your patience and the relaxing atmosphere of your facility made the selection so much easier. Grace is a dream come true, she is everything you said she was and more! Ed’s riding instructions have increased my riding confidence greatly! I have and will continue to recommend your services to all in the horse community! Thank you for being honest and trust worthy! Sincerely, Rochelle – Gunter, TX
Rochelle Bigby
Diane Kirkland
I owned a horse I could not ride. He did not respect me and threw me off the same way every time. After my last injury with him I did not know what to do. I was referred to Ed and Suzanne (great horse trainers) for help. I discovered they had horses for sale and went over that day. They proceeded to put me on 4 different horses that they felt would fit my riding style (not great). They totally matched me up with the right horse for me, Indy. They also helped me with finding the right person to sell my horse to. I was very glad I found these great people and plan on visiting them in the future. I would definitely refer everyone to them for any horse needs. Indy and I have been having lots of fun together now. Thanks Ed and Suzanne for all that you do. Diane Kirkland and Indy
Dear Ed & Suzanne A big thanks to your team for the care and training of Cherokee. I look forward to great days ahead riding him. Amber
Suzanne & Ed, I wanted thank you for making it possible for me to finally have my dream horse.  Ladybug (Bug) is perfect.  I’ve taken her on the trails several times with no problems what-so-ever.  It’s been about a month now and I can tell she’s starting to trust me.  She lets me touch her ears and is actually giving me some eye contact.  I guess she’s starting to figure out I’m her person.  The more time I spend with her, the more I love her.  You made this such a pleasant experience, I will surely recommend you to everyone I know. Best Regards Anne Simmons
Anne Simmons
Corona King
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to buy Corona King! I promise I will take good care of him and love him. I still cant believe I raced him that fast. It felt like I was flying! I can’t wait to race to Fido! I know I’m gonna lose (LOL) but we will try! Thank you soooo much! I love you guys!!! Anina
Brandy Williams
After months of searching for the right horse, I found an ad on craigslist made by Ed and Suzanne. Called them on a Thursday night and got directions to go see the gelding they had listed on that following Saturday. I was excited and also a little scared to get on a horse I didn't really know, just coming back into horses. But I hopped on and Spike(what we decided to name him) took amazing care of me. And I was in love. Ed and Suzanne spent time telling us about him before I rode as well as showing us around the area. We found out that they also trained horses so we made the decision to bring our 2 year old filly for training. Our filly was very pushy with us and we needed someone to help her and us through that as well as someone that knew more about riding to help her along her way. The communication while Bella was in Sherman was great! Ed and Suzanne kept us informed of her progress. We received great instruction in the lessons that came with her training on what she was taught and how to continue to keep her that way. A little over two years later she is even fit for me, someone that is slightly afraid to ride any horse other than Spike, to ride. We are very thankful to have found such wonderful trainers. They make things simple and easy to understand. The horses really seem to love them as well. We will be sending Bella's brother as well as another gelding to them soon. So a HUGE thank you to Ed and Suzanne for giving us the opportunity to have two of the best horses in the world!! Brandy, Rose and Bud Williams
Hi, Ed & Suzanne As a repeat customer, I will have to say you guys are awesome! The first horse was and is a dream that has come true for my wife. With Ed’s instruction and this beautiful horse this once timid rider is becoming more confident every day. Now I have Gus, a beautiful Dapple Bay, that’s the perfect husband, grandfather, old man horse. I can ride him anywhere with confidence. Thanks for finding him for me. This guy is everything I was looking for. We can trailer and ride these two horses anywhere. If you should ever need a reference, please fill free to provide my name and phone number. Thanks again for being honest and trustworthy horse people. Sincerely, Dwayne – Gunter, TX
Dwayne Bigby
Pat Savage
Dear Ed & Suzanne, I just wanted to thank you both for helping me find my horses good homes. I am still adjusting to the situation with Spider as I truly miss him. I feel you professionalism in running your equine facility is honest and forth coming. I feel you treat your horses and clients with respect and kindness. Thanks again. Pat Savage
Ed & Suzanne, Want to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the new joy in our life……our sweet Nelly!!  She is everything we have been looking for and more!  The work you put into her is remarkable to say the least, you are truly talented and knowledgeable when it comes to horses.  We had been waiting and looking for so long for a horse that was sweet, well trained, great with kids and eager to ride.  She is a perfect fit.  We were blessed to have found your website, Nelly’s video stole our hearts before we even met her.  We really appreciate being able to call or message you with any questions that we have had since bringing her home.  She has adapted well in her new surroundings, we know we will have many wonderful years with her.  We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in acquiring a horse.  You’re great folks with hearts as big as Texas!! Thanks for everything, we’ll keep in touch, Kim & Randy Craig
Kim & Randy Craig
Captain America
Lisa Nelson
Suzanne and Ed, I just wanted to thank you so much for honoring your trade. We are very happy with "Captain America". I'm so glad that I am not worried every minute the girls are riding and they are really enjoying the horses. I'm happy to be give you a positive recommendation anytime. Thank you and God bless, Lisa Nelson
I just have to write to you to say "Thank You" for the best horse I've ever owned. When we took Romeo for his vet check, the vet says he is a very well mannered/ laid back horse. I was really surprised when he told me he was only 6. I keep telling my husband how much I love this horse. We have been riding at least 4 to 5 times a week, in the pastures, and down our dirt roads. He doesn't spook at anything. A rabbit jumped up right in front of him and he didn't even flinch, plus all the birds flying out of the grass. I LOVE this horse. Being he is only 6 and not 10, he is most likely the last horse I will have. You and your trainer do a remarkable job with these horses. Thank you again. sherry pullicar PS: we will be getting in contact with you to bring my husbands mare up for some training soon....
Sherry Pullicar
Dallas Wilburn & Roger Mueller
Dear Suzanne, I wanted to thank you SO much for Roma. He has been a blessing to me, and even though for a while I wasn't able to ride him, he is still the same amazing horse that he was when I first rode him. He is a character, that's for sure, and he fits in perfectly with me. He has his moments when he makes me so mad, I could wring his neck, but at the end of the day, I still love him. Sometimes, I still can't believe that I am so lucky to have a horse like him, and it's all thanks to y'all. Y'all have blessed me in a way that I can't even begin to describe. Him and i will continue to grow, and he will be my friend for a lifetime. Out of the many horses I have had, I think i have found me match, in every way possible! 🙂 I am currently riding with my father on the Hunt County Sheriff's Posse, and I am one of their sweethearts, and soon we will be gettin' into ranch sorting. Roma is a blast, and I can't wait to grow and learn with him. I can't wait to tell him that we've talked! I will admit, when it comes to horse, I am a chatty-cathy. Thanks, for Roma, and for everything. Yours Truly, Dallas Wilburn and Roma (my little tomato!)   Suzanne, just want to say thank you very much in for helping us find a horse for my  daughter, Dallas. They have been growing together since the day we picked him up. He did a awesome job even though he was jittery that first day, on that day we picked him up before we got home, we stopped in Leonard, Tx. for their Fourth of July parade. Dallas and I rode in the parade, Roma did a good job even though being nervous with everything, like the loud speaker and music to going from asphalt road surface to brick surface, Dallas was able to control him and they both got through it. Now Dallas is riding Roma with me in the Hunt County Sheriff's Posse as one of the sweethearts and working on becoming the posse princess. We are also looking at both of them getting into ranch sorting in the near future. Thank you for your help. Roger Mueller
Had another riding lesson today. I always learn something every lesson. Today I learned how to "feel" when a horse is rolling over on his shoulder. Been told that several times, but never "felt" it. Awesome! Also, realized what an awesome horse we have. Thank you Suzanne Harland and Ed Gosen, your expertise, patience, and my beautiful Peppy. Your willingness to share what you know is amazing. As well as your commitment to the horses you have and have sold. The fact that you look for horses that are for sale and saw two you had sold and bought them back to ensure their safety and health...... Awe inspiring! You both have earned your place in heaven, looking out for those who can't look out for themselves.
Donna Lukenbill
Yvonne Keen
When I saw the video of Webkinz online i fell in love with him. Webkinz was my very first own horse that I bought and I wanted to make sure he was the one for me. Insideout was very helpful and supportive, they made me feel like family while i was there.It was important to them to match me up with the right horse and Not just to make any quick sale. I love the Insideout Videos,what you see is what you get,there were no surprises. Webkinz was started with them and it is incredible how light Webkinz responded to leg cues.WOW! They work with their horses and introduce them to many things. It is great for owners like me that want With Webkinz I can just put on a halter and take him bareback anywhere and do almost anything we make a great Team ! I own Webkinz now for about 1 year. Everyday I`m thankful I have found him and I`m proud to say he is my horse. I did recommend Insideout to all my friends and I would trust them to find me another horse again,train my horse or take lessons! Thanks Ivonne
Thank you Suzanne, for finding just the right "seasoned" horse for our grand kids. We are well aware that anything can happen, but having a trained and gentle horse cuts down on a lot of the issues! Ron and Sheila Goode, Palo Pinto, TX
Sheila Goode
Scout / Princess
Patrick, Tracey & Sidney
Hello Ed and Suzanne - I apologize for not getting back sooner.  We wanted to give you an update on Scout (Princess).  She is a wonderful horse and has taken extremely well to our daughter Sydney.  We ride every week and have taken her on many 15-20 mile trail rides at Lake Texoma and Coffee Mill Lake trails.  She has a wonderful personality and love attention and being muddy. She is a "Roller" and loves to get in the water and mud.  We appreciate your recommendation of her to us and appreciate the time and efforts you took to keep her fresh.  I've attached 2 pictures for you. Thank you again for everything. Patrick & Tracey
Carolee Cross
Dear Suzanne and Ed, I would like to let you know what a pleasant experience I had with the both of you and Inside Out Texas. I know I came to your facility several times to look at multiple horses. You both were so accommodating and patient in your efforts to help me find a great fit in a horse.  Your knowledge and horsemanship skills are superb. Rio and I are getting along wonderfully. He has such a nice, even temperament and a willing spirit. Not to mention, he is beautiful! I do think we are a good match. It can be difficult to find honest people in the horse-buying business and I’m so happy my trainer referred me to you.  I hope you have many more years of continued success. When it comes time to buy my next horse, I will definitely come to you first! Thank you again for everything! All the best, Carolee Cross and Rio